has released a semi-annual report which shows that in Italy, compared to 2015, the first months of 2016 recorded a growth in foreign investments for the residential sector of second homes equal to 64 , 32%.

The most beloved territory appears to be precisely the Tuscany, in which 24.19% of the investments were concentrated : villas, farmhouses, rural buildings and large properties are the solutions that most interest foreign buyers , mostly Germans, who opt above all for independent properties (around 70% ready-made and habitable, the remaining 30% needing redevelopment and renovation instead).

In second place on the national level instead is the Ligurian Riviera, in particular the cities of Sanremo and Bordighera.

These readings bring to light not a few contradictions with respect to the general decline seen in recent years, due to the change in buying habits and travel destinations. It is therefore a very positive signal and at the same time important, which bodes well also for the induced local linked to construction, craftsmanship and commerce.

In an attempt instead to trace an “identikit” of the typical investor, the resulting data are quite obvious: from 40 years upwards, medium-high culture, free entrepreneur or successful professional. Besides (as already mentioned) to the Germans, the most interested in buying luxury villas are Americans, Russians and Northern Europeans (Holland and Denmark); while Chinese and South Americans are crazy about farms, especially in Montalcino and Chianti.

The absolute most sought after areas are Versilia, Maremma and the whole coastal area for Russians and Chinese, who prefer modern and hi-tech style; the rest, instead, Americans and northern Europeans, prefer the interior of the region and the classic Tuscan style.