The sighting towers, also known as observation towers, are fortified towers built with initial military purposes to offer a safe place to keep the area under observation.In Italy there are only a few on the Mediterranean, many built initially by the Romans and then restructured to safeguard our coasts.And right around two splendid sighting towers the experts have taken care of the restructuring, in a bioarchitecture perspective, of a 1400 farmhouse. Given the state of conservation of the building, the renovation was profound and involved many parts of the building, but the typical approach of bio-architecture has allowed us to maintain a perfect balance between the circumstances and the buildings.To keep the original flavor, the roofs have been completely redone using ancient tiles and roof tiles . A new connection strip and natural insulation has been installed . The insulation has been guaranteed by the installation of insulating panels in wood fiber and by application of breathable waterproof covering ( ).Always with a view to maintaining the typical atmosphere of the area, the paintings were made using the “ a fresco ” technique, using natural pigmentations both for interiors and exteriors, where the plaster acts as “ natural coat “.For all the new buildings , natural materials were used and wood-concrete blocks ( ).For the heating system and cooling has been adopted the radiation technique, one of the best natural air conditioning systems in existence, which allows to reach the desired temperature in just 5 minutes. All without stimulating sources of noise pollution due to fans or combustion, and allowing a great energy saving ( ).The Rivista del Forte has reviewed this construction defining it as an example of “ ecological home “.