Although a bit long, the title perfectly explains the result deriving from a radical wait and restoration work, realized on an apartment on the Florence riverfront, in disuse for about ten years.

In 2013 an American lady bought this charming apartment, on the third floor of a notified building L. 1089/1939, the legislation concerning things, furniture or buildings, which have an artistic, historical, archaeological or ethnographic interest.

Characteristic of the apartment is a panoramic terrace of over 120 square meters which, after appropriate modifications and, of course, the necessary authorizations, hosted access to the apartment.

The change was substantial and provided the building with a new personality: the terrace therefore assumes a predominant role by hosting both a convivial area, equipped with a dining table and a sitting area, and a solarium. Furthermore, from the south-facing terrace you can enjoy a splendid view of the Duomo, the Arno and Forte Belvedere.

As a result, the design of the entire apartment has been redefined, with 4 bedrooms all facing west, from which it is possible to watch spectacular sunsets .

The apartment, which also includes a large living area and services, thanks to its position and to the recovery work carried out, generally has a large income and has a very high percentage of employment.


pianta arredata